Library with reference books, terminological and lexical search engines on the Internet.
Direct access to over 1000 dictionaries, glossaries, encyclopaedias, general and specialized search engines ...

Specialized dictionaries and glossaries
Links to more than 850 specialized dictionaries and glossaries both monolingual and multilingual, compiled by translators, terminologists, editors from the publishing industry, research institutes, universities and companies.

Terminology databases
Links to extensive technical glossaries compiled by national and international organizations, companies and universities.

Language Dictionaries
Direct access to online language dictionaries, dialect dictionaries and dictionaries on language varieties in German, English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Direct access to online encyclopedias.

Access to search engines that search dictionary databases.

Directories and corpora of dictionaries and glossaries
Extensive list of links to corpora, general glossaries and portals with search engines for specific languages and fields.

Search engines
International or local metasearch and search engines to track down any information on the Internet. Languages available: German, English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Specialized search engines, portals and corpora
List of links to searchable websites dealing with specific fields.

Online libraries
Direct access to websites of the main libraries and their online catalogues.

Corpora of searchable texts in digital format

Guides and tools to search the Web
Tips to search the Web, guided search options and advanced search engines.

UNI standard terms - Standards organizations
Terminology standards issued by the UNI, the Italian Organization for Standardization, and links to Italian and international standards organizations.

Linguistic resources on the Internet
Guide to linguistic resources and terminological tools on the Internet.

Fishing words from the net with Google & Co.

Pronounce it right
You can hear the correct articulation of any foreign name with a simple click.